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The Spring edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show will be the first art fair to open its doors to collectors and art buyers during Hong Kong Art Week, beginning with an invitation-only Langton’s VIP Collectors Preview on Friday evening March 17. General admission begins on Saturday, March 18, including the fun HK Liquor Store Art Night on Saturday night, and continues over the weekend, and on Monday.

The Asia Contemporary Art Show will take place from March 17 to 20, 2017, at Conrad Hong Kong and will welcome more than 80 galleries and artists from Asia and the world – from up-and-coming and mid-career artists, to those who have achieved success at auction.

Now in its 10th edition, the Show presents two fresh new features, China Perspectives and Artist Projects, which reflect the evolving interests and tastes of both today’s young collectors and those with more experience. China Perspectives will present contemporary artworks from new and emerging Chinese artists, while Artist Projects brings solo or joint artist presentations to 25 art spaces spread across two floors.

“Our show is about engagement and discovery,” remarked Show Director Mark Saunderson. “When visitors come to our show, they have the unique opportunity to interact with the creators of art themselves, like in Artist Projects. This standout feature makes the experience at the Asia Contemporary Art Show quite different from other art fairs, where typically only galleries are present and not the artists.”  The show enables art and artists to enter the vibrant Hong Kong art market, like with China Perspectives. Art fairs offer a springboard into the market and present works that appeal to young, tech-savvy collectors, as well as more experienced collectors who appreciate direct interaction with the art.

“And the Show is firmly anchored in Hong Kong’s art scene – we are on our 10th successful edition! As part of the city’s “art triangle”, which includes other important art fairs like Art Basel and Art Central, we are certain that the Asia Contemporary Art Show will continue to contribute to the city’s growing and evolving contemporary art scene, the most dynamic in Asia!”

The Asia Contemporary Art Show welcomes galleries from around the world showcasing the unique viewpoints and perspectives of some of the contemporary art scene’s best emerging talent and career-established artists from across Asia, Europe and beyond. Here below are some featured collection.

Umbrellas under the Windows_ by Du Haijun

“Umbrellas under the Windows” by Du Haijun, Room 4220

Brian Sze, Hong Kong, Room 4119

Managing the ups and downs of life through his alter ego, Mr. baby, artist Brian Sze (b.1977) embarks on adventures through magical worlds visually communicating the importance of virtues and emotions. Mr. baby, a “human rabbit”, is a dichotomous being straddling the adult “real” world and the child “fantasy” world. In his China series, Sze places Mr. baby among scenes replete with Chinese symbolism and Buddhist tales. Engaging with azure dragons, white tigers or pandas, the artist aims to tie together important symbols prevalent in Chinese culture.

Panda_ by Brian Sze

“Panda” by Brian Sze, Hong Kong, Room 4119

Simon Maarouf, SyriaTwo M Art Gallery, UAE – Room 4304

Developing into one of today’s brightest Pop artists, Simon Maarouf (b. 1985) draws much of his subject inspiration from iconic figures of pop culture. Often working in a hyperrealist style, Maarouf’s work is recognised by a dynamic use of contrasting colours and shapes, as well as distinctive faces, subjects and figures. Having grown up in Syria, the history and beauty of the old streets of Damascus were always a fascination. Now a resident in Dubai, Maarouf has found new avenues for exploration and opportunities for creative growth.

Under Water_ by Simon Maarouf

“Under Water” by Simon Maarouf, Two M Art Gallery, Room 4304

Fawwaz Sukri, MalaysiaNadine Fine Art, Malaysia – Room 4018

Fawwaz Sukri (b. 1987) draws inspiration from 1960’s romantic comics. Working in a Pop art style, the artist examines the genre of the tragicomedy whereby aspects of tragic affairs are presented in comical forms. The collage work in Sukri’s compositions depicts a chain of events pertinent to the main event occurring in the “big picture”. Conceptually, his work addresses deep-set problems within society, particularly as they relate to gender. The approach in conveying a specific narrative allows Sukri to express the complexity of underlying perceptions of human morals.

Monster_ by Fawwaz Sukri

“Monster” by Fawwaz Sukri, Nadine Fine Art, Malaysia, Room 4018

Asia Contemporary Art Show 10th Edition

Conrad Hong Kong
40 – 43 floors
March 17 – 20, 2017

Opening Hours:

Invitation-Only Langton’s VIP Collectors Preview Friday March 17, 4pm – 9pm
HK Liquor Store Art Night Saturday, March 18, 5pm – 9pm

General Admission:
Saturday, March 18, 12nn – 9pm
Sunday, March 19, 12nn – 8pm
Monday, March 20, 12nn – 6pm

Admission tickets on sale now for HK$220 (admits two if purchased online; admits one if purchased at the door); Purchase tickets at

Free admission for children under 16yrs accompanied by an adult.

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