Reset your Compass

Text By: Celine C

Photography By: Anton Cornelis

With the numerous studies and reports showing the health benefits of regular physical exercise, workout is becoming more and more creative, fun and less dreadful so you can steer fate whichever way you want with a healthy body & soul.


XYZ was set up to change the culture of wellbeing by adding fine measures of creativity and entertainment in order to challenge the perceived limits of energy and intelligence.  Being Asia’s unique articulation of the new wave of indoor cycling, the ‘spinning’ phenomenon that grew out of the cracks of the New York sidewalk and left America and Europe spellbound.  Designed to escape the intensity of day-to-day life, where you can reset your compass, engage with your sense of purpose and learn all there is to know about your true self.  Located in Central and Causeway Bay, founder Belinda Koo believes in the power of adrenaline to decelerate time, to create the conditions in which we can release, recharge, regroup and regain control.



One of our favorite instructor is Angie Ng.  She’s makes the class super fun & energetic especially with her selection of playlist like “In for the Kill” and “Safari Disco Club”.  She also makes the class so positive we forget all the reasons why we can’t — and see all the reasons why we can.  As a young girl, Angie fell in love with the beauty, creativity, and diversity of fashion and began to make fashion her career at the age of 16. As a natural extension of her work as a model, staying fit became part of who she is.  “When I found XYZ, I was drawn in for the same reasons I fell in love with fashion: the beauty of the studios, the creativity of the classes, and the diversity of the riders. Now my fitness world blends seamlessly with my fashion world.”  Angie plays a couple of We also like the life quote she goes by:

“Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed; just make your absence felt.”


Hong Kong moves at electrifying speed, we all need a cave here and there to regroup and to find ourselves.  “Give yourself 50 minutes each day.  We are all born to move”.


Indoor Cycling Studio

2/F, New World Tower II, 18 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

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