Helen Ma Loves La Prairie: The Platinium Collection

Content By: Helen Ma

Written By: Celine Chiu

Photography By: Anton Cornelis

Attracted by its name “The Platinum Collection”, what comes after some of the luxurious ingredients in skincare, Caviar and Gold?   La Prairie went to the ends of the earth to uncover the most beneficial ingredients to bring one of the earth’s rarest resources for ultimate rejuvenation, the Platinum peptide.


The collection seems to have everything that you need to rejuvenates skin, hydrates, protect, brighten, enhance and transforms major visible signs of aging.  It comes in a total collection including the cream, serum, eye cream and eye essence.

Cellular Cream Platinum Rare was an extraordinary, transformative experience. From the first touch, it’s a total immersion.  Platinum peptide helps recharge skin, increasing its absorption of nourishing ingredients. Climate-activated hydration adjusts to changing humidity levels and skin’s temperature, releasing moisture as needed by the skin. Applying the most advanced cellular science discoveries, this rejuvenating cream preserves skin texture and tone, and restores a radiant glow.



Cellular Serum Platinum Rare has extraordinary properties. Just a few precious drops help maintain the skin’s balance and restore skin’s natural moisture barrier, so hydration and protection are enhanced. That’s just the beginning. Tensing agents, a skin-brightening complex and potent anti-oxidants result in skin that is firmer, brighter, rejuvenated.

Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare works like a potent eye treatment for your delicate skin. The inspired formula lifts and brightens; lines and the feeling of puffiness disappear.

Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare is enriched with a precious platinum peptide with exceptional beauty properties that help transform the look of the delicate eye area. It diminishes wrinkles, visibly lifts and firms, and helps brighten dark circles. Its unique dropper delivers a rich infusion of this luxurious treatment.


Once again, La Prairie have nailed the creation with nothing else like it.  The pinnacle of art, science and luxury that brings ultimate rejuvenation.

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